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A free-floating narrative, the film follows a colorful and engaging assortment of characters in Austin, Texas, throughout the course of a single day as they ruminate on UFOs, Scooby Doo, Leon Czolgosz and many other things. Shot on 16mm film with a budget of $23,000, director Richard Linklater dispensed with a structured plot in favor of interconnected vignettes. This resulted in a film of considerable quirky charm that has influenced a whole generation of independent filmmakers. “Slacker” was eventually picked up by a major distributor and earned more than $1 million at the box office. Jodie Foster, Sir Anthony Hopkins and director Jonathan Demme won accolades for this chilling thriller based upon a book by Thomas Harris. Foster plays rookie FBI agent Clarice Starling who must tap into the disturbed mind of imprisoned cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter in order to aid her search for a murderer and torturer still at large. Director Sam Fuller’s movies often were labeled too edgy and unseemly, with the ability to simultaneously grab and repel the viewer.

The local camera store owner, Barney Elliot, captured the undulating bridge with his Bell & Howell 16mm movie camera just before and as the bridge collapsed. Elliott’s footage shows the bridge, nicknamed “Galloping Gertie,” waving and twisting for several minutes before finally collapsing into Puget Sound. Experimental filmmaker Peter Hutton is best known for his thoughtful and beautifully photographed ruminations on the co-existence of urban areas and natural waterways. “Study of a River” is a meditative examination of the winter cycle of the Hudson River over a two-year period, showing its environment, ships plying its waterways, ice floes, and the interaction of nature and civilization.

Once Upon a Time in the West

“My name is Elia Kazan. I am a Greek by blood, Turk by birth, American because my uncle made a journey.” So begins the film directed, produced and written by Elia Kazan, and the one he frequently cited as his personal favorite. Based loosely on Kazan’s uncle, Stavros dreams of going to America in the late 1890s.

marine corps customs and courtesies essay

A woman has a slice-of-life, train-station chance encounter with a homeless man, and stumbles through several off-key reactions when they share a salad she believes is hers. Winner of a 1990 Student Academy Award, “The Lunch Date” stands out as a simple, yet effective, parable on the vicissitudes and pervasiveness of perception, race and stereotypes. A sparkling example of a musical in the earliest days of two-color Technicolor, “The King of Jazz” is a fanciful revue of short skits, sight gags and musical numbers, all with orchestra leader Paul Whiteman—the self-proclaimed “King of Jazz” — at the center.

Nicholas Brothers Family Home Movies 1930s

The narration, by co-writer Winston Hibler, is often undercut by weak attempts at humor, but when Disney plays it straight, such as in the battle between a rattlesnake and a tarantula, the film is at its strongest. The film was originally released to theatres in a package that included the live-action short “Stormy” and the animated featurette “Ben and Me.” This short subject, a mix of live action and animation, was adapted from Winsor McCay’s famed 1905 comic strip “Little Nemo in Slumberland.” Its fluidity, graphics and story-telling was light years beyond other films made during that time. A seminal figure in both animation and comic art, McCay profoundly influenced many generations of future animators, including Walt Disney. In this Arthur Penn-directed Western, Dustin Hoffman (with exceptional assistance from make-up artist Dick Smith) plays a 121-year-old man looking back at his life as a pioneer in America’s Old West.

marine corps customs and courtesies essay

However, like civilian human service occupation, soldiers working in the casualty area are susceptible to job stressor that can lead to low morale, stress, burnout and psychiatric illness. The salient job stressors uncovered are exposure to death through telephonic contact with bereaved family members and learning the details surrounding an individual soldier’s injury or death. Job stressors are moderated by informal hiring practices, effective on-the-job training, commitment to the m… Of the currently active state defense forces in the country, several bands stand out in active service to serve the ceremonial needs of their states, their governments, and legislatures.

Open Your Eyes and See the 21st Century MAGTF

Disney studios’ most ambitious animated feature, “Fantasia” integrates famous works of classical music with imagery that ranges from dancing hippos to abstract geometrics as it endeavors to combine high art with mass culture. Among the combinations of sight and sound – some kitschy, others more elegant – are an abstract representation of J.S. A commercial failure initially, the film’s popularity has grown steadily over the decades with subsequent re-releases and video sales. This low-budget film of alienated youth struck a game-changing blow to Hollywood when every studio tried to duplicate its success. Written by Melissa Mathison and directed by Steven Spielberg, this film chronicles the relationship between a young boy and a benevolent alien who is stranded on Earth and trying to find his way back to his home planet. The film’s masterful blending of hopeful innocence with excitement and humor made it both a critical and popular success.

What are Marine Corps customs?

Marine customs are simply desirable courses of action sanctioned by tradition and usage. In the Marine Corps, practically every custom has grown out of the manner in which Marines of the past conducted themselves.

In the purest sense, all members of our profession, regardless of rank or status, live a life ready for inspection. It’s official slogan was “three Days of Peace and Music … An Aquarian Exposition.” The film is distinguished by its innovative use of split frame visuals and a sound track that integrated and overlapped recordings from several sources at once. In the first teaming of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, the natural chemistry between the two is readily apparent as they portray newspaper colleagues who eventually fall in love. The personal and professional chemistry lasted until Tracy’s death in 1967 following the duo’s ninth picture. Ring Lardner Jr. and Michael Kanin wrote the original screen play about the two strong-willed lovers, feminist leader Tess and crusty no-nonsense sports writer Sam. Knitting together the crackling dialog and strong performances is director George Stevens, equally adept at helming comedies, dramas, musicals and Westerns. Dazzling aerobatic dogfights mark “Wings” as one of the last epics of the silent era and the first winner of the Oscar for what would become known as Best Picture.

Good Military Research Topics & Essay Examples

May’s conflicts with Hollywood studios continued, eventually ending her career as a feature film director in 1987. After recently college admissions essay editing service winning a 2019 Tony Award for best actress in a play, she has been slated to direct a new feature film at age 87.

marine corps customs and courtesies essay

In addition to the three active-duty bands, six of what were then eleven Air National Guard bands were also deactivated. In 1992 Senator Sam Nunn – fighting to stop closures of U.S. military bases in his home state as part of the peace dividend – instead suggested elimination of military bands that support the U.S. Nunn said that cadets and midshipmen should volunteer to form their own bands instead, which would save the U.S. up to $10 million. Representatives of service academies responded by explaining that, due to the unique nature of cadet life relative to student life at civilian universities, it would not be practical for volunteer ensembles to replace the academy bands. The proposal ultimately became stalled in a larger debate about trimming $1 billion from the Strategic Defense Initiative and did not move forward. Unlike Canada, the United Kingdom, and some other nations, the United States federal armed forces do not maintain any “voluntary bands”, or bands composed of unpaid civilian musicians who dress in military uniforms.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

At the end of the table, a steward retrieves the decanter and places it at the opposite end of the head table. Life in an officers’ mess was the epitome of the world of gentlemen, and seniors expected juniors to conform. One young officer recalled a special parade for newly-joined officers soon after joining a Highland regiment in 1939. The adjutant, proud of professional essay editor his distinguished regiment, summoned the young officers to the mess one afternoon. He explained the colonel had been shocked to observe many of his officers displaying ignorance as to what utensils and glasses to use at dinner. Instructing his captive and bemused audience to take notes, the impeccable adjutant ate and drank his way through a token dinner.

  • Capitalizing on the apocalyptic paranoia of the atomic age, Barré Lyndon’s screenplay wryly replaces Wells’ original commentary on the British class system with religious metaphor.
  • This tradition continued after the war, and the decoration of drums with eagles in various poses, often dictated by the tastes of the individual band, continued.
  • Long but multi-layered, “The Shining” contains stunning visuals — rivers of blood cascading down deserted hotel hallways, disturbing snowy mazes and a mysterious set of appearing and disappearing twins — with iconic performances by Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall.
  • As gifted in their repartee as they were in their physical antics, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were the perfect team for the transition from silent film comedy to sound.
  • “Wattstax” also features dazzling music highlights from artists such as Isaac Hayes and the Staple Singers, capped by Rufus Thomas dancing the Funky Chicken in hot pants.

Nathaniel Dorsky shot the footage for what would become his silent tone poem, “Hours for Jerome,” between 1966 and 1970. The film’s title evokes the liturgical “Book of Hours,” a medieval series of devotional prayers recited at eight-hour intervals throughout the day. Dorsky’s personal devotional loosely records the daily events of the filmmaker and his partner as an arrangement of images, energies and illuminations. The camera intimately surveys the surroundings, from the pastoral to the cosmopolitan, as fragments of light revolve around the four seasons. “Part 1” presents spring through summer and “Part 2” looks at fall and winter—a full year in 45 minutes.


Sound surveillance expert Harry Caul is hired to track a young couple , taping their conversation as they walk through San Francisco’s crowded Union Square, but he soon suspects that his client plans to murder the couple. Its atmosphere of paranoia and loner protagonist reflected a movement in the early ’70s toward darker movies, and its audiotape storyline reflects an era rocked the Watergate scandal.

What is the importance of other courtesies?

“Being courteous demonstrates that you as an individual, and those with whom you interact, have intrinsic value, by virtue of being a human being. Our showing of civility invites others to see the value in themselves and those around them.”

Renowned stage actor Joseph Jefferson made a career of portraying Washington Irving’s mercurial title character beginning in the mid 1800s and by the 1890s was the most famous actor in America. Capitalizing on Jefferson’s success, Edison protege William K.L. Dickson filmed the actor in eight scenes from the fantasy tale set in New York’s Catskill Mountains. The scenes were available to exhibitors as individual films that could be shown together or custom college essay writing service separately in any order they chose. They proved so popular that the scenes were edited together as a single film released in 1903. The film’s success helped Dickson’s Biograph company, successor to his original American Mutoscope Company, the most popular studio in the country. This steamy pre-Production Code melodrama stars virile, tough guy Clark Gable as a Far East plantation owner who proves no match for Jean Harlow’s saucy incandescence.

Tabu: A Story of the South Seas

After studying anthropology and ethnographic film at the University of California, Strand, who helped noted independent filmmaker Bruce Baillie create the independent film distribution cooperative Canyon Cinema, taught filmmaking for 24 years at Occidental College. She developed a collagist process to create her films, shooting footage of people she encountered over several decades of annual summer stays in Mexico and then editing together individual films. Between 1892 and 1924, millions came to Ellis Island from across Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere. Running little more than two minutes, the Edison film, in three shots, records a ferryboat docking and dozens of passengers stepping onto Ellis Island and parading past the camera in orderly fashion.

By General Order No, on 10 July 1863, Corporal John Mackie became the first United States Marine to be awarded the Medal of Honor. Through innovation, adaptability, and resiliency the NCO enhances organizational effectiveness and directly contributes marine corps customs and courtesies essay to mission success. They are stewards of our institution, enforce standards, and are the Marine Corps ambassadors to the world. They convey the values, behaviors, and character of the Marine Corps to our most junior ranks every day.

Program National Film Preservation Board

Young Luke Skywalker is thrust into the struggle of the Rebel Alliance when he meets the wise Obi-Wan Kenobi . Obi-Wan begins training Luke as a Jedi knight to combat the opposition, and the two head off and join mercenary Han Solo on a daring mission to rescue the beautiful Rebel leader Princess Leia from the clutches of the evil Empire. Luke proves that he does indeed possess mystical powers known as the Force which he invokes to destroy the Empire’s dreaded Death Star. Courtesy of USC Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive According to scholars and archivists, this recently discovered 29-second film may represent the earliest example of African-American intimacy on-screen. American cinema was a few years old by 1898 and distributors struggled to entice audiences to this new medium.

marine corps customs and courtesies essay

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