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If you want quality and top-of-the-line automation solutions you will find it here. At Vineet Systems we specialize in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of robotic systems for security, surveillance, inspection, and research. With more than 23 years of hard-earned experience, our specialized field includes High Performance State of the art technology & equipment.

We love to work with clients all over India to develop unique, innovative, and modern automation solutions.

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About Vineet Systems

With reference to the above, we take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as professionals and one of the leading suppliers of Electronic Security Equipment. Incorporated in 1998, with more than a decade of hard-earned experience, our specialized field includes High-Performance State of the art technology & equipment required for Surveillance, Security, Monitoring, Robotics & Research applications.
We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified and CRISIL rated Company in our field of operations.

We provide solutions with proven products in the industry like HONEYWELL, LILIN, AXIS, LG, BOSCH, DAHUA, etc.
Our professional approach in designing systems towards optimal application, which are backed by customer support &
competitive pricing without any compromise in quality, have been widely accepted.
We support more than 600 system users.
Our clients ranges from Industries, Defence , Corporate Houses, Star Hotels and Govt. Sector Undertakings, Hospitals , Banks, Departmental Stores etc.

We understand how much a person values their safety which is why we have made it our topmost priority to ensure that our systems are secure from external attacks. Our app allows you to control all the systems in your house from anywhere, even beyond the reach of your wi-fi connection. So if you’re running late for an important meeting, just turn off the lights from your smartphone! We provide you with a single-touch solution to automate all of your devices, be it lighting or media or HVAC, through a centralized control panel. All this for a price that’s more than affordable!

Access your Home Controls from
anywhere, anytime.

The safety of your home is now at your fingertips. Access your home controls from anywhere and at any time. With our world-class security features, you can go out of your home without any worries. This state-of-the-art security feature not only works for residential homes but also for offices, schools and any type of buildings.

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Prioritizing User Experience

User experience is one of our highest priorities. What’s better than a clean and easy-to-use controls for your home! Our services give you the ability to automate your home environment to fit your needs, from anywhere and anytime. With products available for every room in the house, you’ll never miss a beat.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make automation solutions easy, affordable, and user-friendly for everybody. Our specialty lies in the wide variety of solutions that makes your daily life easy and secure. We understand and provide our clients, automation ideas that in the long run, is going to make their life easier. Safety and security are something which we guarantee. So, we provide premium support to our clients, so that your homes and offices run smoothly without any problems.

Our Vision

The world is getting smarter each day. From computers to mobile phones, everything is a smart device now. And with the advancement of science and technology, our homes and offices are next in line. At Vineet Systems, we aim to provide safe, secure, and easy to use home and work automation for everyone. A smart home, a smart office, which makes your lives even more convenient. Our vision is to provide you with a stress-free daily life.

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