Software Development
     Benefits of Visitor Management System
   Visitor Pass with Photo identity.
   Monitoring movement of visitors in the organization.
   Access Control for visitors in the organization.
     Easy Steps of Operation:
1.  A Camera takes the photo of the visitor at the entrance, it takes about 15 seconds.
2.  The reception or security personnel enter the details of the visitor (Name, organization, purpose, employee to meet etc.).
3.  Information / message is sent via intranet and / or SMS to the officers / employee’s PC and / or cell phone, informing him about visitor & his photo, and wait for his approval.
     (Barcode, Smart card, Magnetic card, Fingerprint systems can be used with this system.)
4.  Officer decides to meet the visitor or forward to someone else or refuse the appointment or send message to security officer.
5.  The software prints the Pass for the visitor.
6.  When the meeting is closed, authority clicks a button, then within stipulated time if the visitor does not reach the gate, a Security Alert is sent to the Security Officer to track
     down the visitor.
7.  At any time, the number of visitors in organization and / or department / area can be monitored.
8.  Various reports for specific query such as by month, by department, by week or by specific time related queries.
     Software Features:
   Photographic records of visitors
   Restricted access to visitors to any particular department or area.
   Monitoring the visitors & their activities in the company
   Prescheduled appointments by officers can be stored and makes the visitor pass issuing easy.
   Software can be integrated with existing security / access control systems, such as Barcode system, Smart card, stripe card based Time & Attendance systems etc.
     Technical Issues:
I. Server Database:
The software supports Client – Server Architecture. The data from all the security gates is kept at a central server, which can be accessed from various officer locations in the organization also intranet messaging activity can be orchestrated. Officers can pre schedule the appointments from their PC via intranet with centralized sever.
II. A Customized Reports:
Various reports for specific query such as by month, by department, by week or by specific time related queries. A report of daily activities, no of visitors, names, organizations, whom to see, how much time spent in the organization
Example: If a person wants to collect documents but if he spends more few hours, it should be reported, also if a person wants to go to accounts department but instead he is roaming round in stores departments, one should take notice of this.
     Customized Reports Generation:
   Date wise, Monthly, Weekly, By Specific Time
   Department wise, Time interval wise, purpose wise etc.
   With Microsoft Excel, Word, XML, HTML format etc.
     Already Running at Various Cement Plants
The purpose is to make in-house weighbridges totally unmanned Integrating Remote IP Cameras, Unmanned WB Software, Automatic Printer, Traffic Signalling / Barrier System.