Fingerprint Access Control
     FBAC 603 - Fingerprint Access Control
   Supports external 26 bit weigand reader for exit
   No external controller required
   Advanced access control features
   Inbuilt RFID EM Card reader
   Optional MIFARE or HID Card reader
   Supports TCP / IP, RS 232, RS 485 communication
Department Assignment and Shift Management; Leave and Holiday Management; Overtime Calculations.
Data is available in excel / html / ASCII format for further calculations. Report Editor provided.
     Access Control System - Features
   Reduces administrative punching cost
   Eliminates Proxy and excessive time reporting
   No manual register, no signatures required.
   Secured Fingerprint minutiae Matching with Fast, Accurate Algorithm
   Highly Durable Optical Fingerprint Scanner
   Easy, speedy enrollment of employees
   User capacity 500/1500/3000
Smart Card Based Access Control Systems Also available