PIH-7625DWNL 25X Wide Dynamic Range Fast Dome Camera 480TVL
Base on LILINís popular PIH-7625 series fast dome cameras, LILINís Wide Dynamic Range Fast Dome cameras offer significant enhancement and refinement to bring you the most innovative surveillance solutions.
Conventional cameras as operate only within a narrow spectrum of light in one single frame, producing image that either too dark or too bright in high contrast situations. With State of the art technology, PIH-7625DW is able to deliver each field with dynamic shutter speeds to create a sharp color image in all lighting conditions.
PIH-7625DW is the leading product in the industry offering the most advanced features. With all these features, you can count on the PIH-7625DW to provide the most reliable surveillance solution.
Presenting state of the art IP camera
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  1.  Wide Dynamic Range (PIH-7625DW)
  2.  Preset Scene File
  3.  Dynamic Privacy Zone
  4.  Digital Zoom
  5.  Memory Function: Top / Bottom / Left / Light / 180 Degree Reversal
  6.  Field Image Capture
  7.  Slow - Speed Shutter Control
  8.  Sony ExView HAD CCD
  9.  25X Optical lens 3.8` 95 mm
10.  570 TVL Mono Resolution and 480 TVL Color Resolution
11.  0.01 Lux Sensitivity
12.  True Day & Night Camera: IR Cut Filter Removable
13.  2 Auto Focus Modes or Manual Focus
14.  Auto or Manual Iris (2 speeds selectable)
15.  3 Speeds Selectable Optical Zoom
16.  AGC Sensitivity Adjustable
17.  BLC Zone Selectable
18.  Auto White Balance Mode Selectable
19.  Aperture Correction Adjustable
20.  Contrast Adjustable
21.  Gamma Adjustable
22.  Multilingual OSD Setup Menu
23.  Home Position
Remote access any time, anywhere


Ease of installation


Future proof
You can access real-time video images at any time from any computer anywhere, saving time and traveling costs.
The video can be stored at remote locations for convenience and / or data backup.
Place it anywhere. You can connect the product to a LAN, DSL, modem, wireless adapter.
Network video products can be programmed for a wide range of applications.
Designed to provide plug-and-play simplicity for small installations and flexibility for integration into larger, more professional applications.
Everything needed to connect and start streaming video is built into the device, which reduces installation time and simplifies network management.
Several levels of password protection and a tamper-free network appliance design deliver the most reliable operation.
Use of open standard protocols and networks for communication means easy system integration with equipment from different manufacturers.